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"Working Together To Achieve Success" growth certification.

GICS is proud to be a well-known Service Provider in providing value added, high integrity, reliable and professional certification, services locally and internationally.

We are working with our clients to provide real benefits to their business by enhancing customers? confidence in the way to operate the management systems to deliver high efficiency, continually improve their business processes, products and/ or services, control the environmental effects of processes, increase energy efficiency, reduce costs, and improve environmental performance and reduce the workplace hazards for the employees.

Our certification services are always independent and unbiased. We are authorized to undertake assessment to ensure organization complying with applicable laws & regulations and their organisation procedures, and to assist organizations to penetrate the local, regional and international markets. This gives your customers confidence in the way you operate your management systems to deliver consistent levels of quality in your products and services, control the environmental impact and reduce the workplace hazards for your employees.

We are a 'Customer First & Quality Focus' organization. We operate on the basis of documented policies and procedures complying with ISO17021, the International Criteria for Certification Bodies operating management system certification. Our clients can be confident in our ability to consistently maintain the quality and impartiallity of our certification services.

We support the goals of our clients' organizations through the delivery of third party assessment services that do not stop at the limitations of the standards. Through the identification of opportunities for improvement as embraced within our positive auditing approach, our assessors seek to provide real benefits beyond the certification itself.

We expect and consistently achieve the highest standards of expertise and professionalism through our teams of assessors. All are highly trained and widely experienced professionals, registered with international registration bodies. This ensures that the capability of each of our assessors is independently verified and their activities regulated, monitored and controlled.

We emphasize practical and realistic auditing by using competent auditors which were carefully and strictly selected and qualified. Only the auditors that competent and know the industry are used to conduct auditing / assessment to a particular client organization.

Our policy is to use the expertise of our local assessors wherever possible. This means our clients are receiving the most cost-effective service from professionals who understand local requirements and culture.

Our service is highly cost-effective and competitive. We offer a carefully planned pricing scheme that excludes unnecessary costs and annual fees. It is our policy not to burden our clients with costs that do not add value to their organization.

  • Vision of GICS

    We meet the technical and quality related challenges of the future worldwide for the benefit of people and the environment.

    We develop forward-looking solutions and support their consistent implementation.

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  • Mission

    As a neutral and independent partner we develop forward-looking solutions in all matters of safety & quality and support their implementation.

    We help our clients to achieve their goal of technical and financial.

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Corporate values:-
Our system is embedded with our corporate values which include:
Ethical conduct
Client focus
Professional service
Cooperation and mutual responsibility
Continuous improvement and Innovation
Loyalty at work place
Responsibility for results.

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